Established in 2018 No Vanilla is an independent fashion brand for fearless and progressive millennials.
We are dedicated to push the boundaries by showing the world there are more options beyond mainstream clothing.
Our philosophy is based on celebration of creativity and individuality via production of original handmade embroidery.
During the eight-hour production process, three hours are devoted to exclusive handmade work.
In urban language “vanilla” refers to something unexciting, conventional or boring. The term takes roots from vanilla ice cream - common choice and usual flavour. Our brand understands vanilla as basic and mainstream fashion.
No Vanilla reflects reckless people who challenge themselves and go against standards. For this reason, we use inverted ice cream as our logo. It symbolizes our pursuit of unique ideas and outstanding people.
No Vanilla is focused on delivering premium quality and original design for the customers. We manage your order every step of the way until you receive the customized item. 
Our team chooses the best fabrics and carefully design embroideries, creating original pieces. Then the parcel is safely delivered to you.